Sunday, June 7, 2015


"On the television news yesterday was the most inspiring sight of a beautiful horse named AMERICAN PHAROAH winning by five and a half lengths, the Triple Crown at Belmont Stakes. It wasn't just a horse winning a race that was so moving, it was almost the only good news that has been in our living rooms lately. The sub text to how the owner acquired then sold, then re-bought the horse back for $300,000 on a whim, is just as moving, as him winning the race. Plus, now Pharoah gets to semi-retire as a very valuable stud.

I have noticed as of late many cars being left dirty. I hope it is out of consideration for our water drought or perhaps just being slovenly. But I found myself congratulating my neighbor today whose car is very dirty, she was taken back when I said "What a good citizen she was", she did not get it until I reminded her car washing has become very un-cool.

I was in my bank yesterday and noticed nobody seemed happy, sullen expressions abounded. Why I wondered, at least we are alive and can afford a bank account even though we never know when it will be robbed or hacked. I asked the teller, "Is everyone worried about the security of our money" she did not answer, hmm. Then I went into the market, again looking for happy people to share our experiences with waiting in line, again, no expressions, until I brought up the American Pharoah win at Belmont, that broke the ice and everyone started smiling. --- I really wish we could see more winners on T.V. it can be good for the 'Collective' to see smiles again, it helps decorate our public domain."

Harry Langdon
Sunday, June 7, 2015

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