Monday, June 8, 2015


JoJo Starbuck
Photographed by Harry Langdon

"I imagine we all are enchanted by ice skaters, no matter how old we are. The costumes, theatrics and lights that are part of the show; all that can successfully divert our attention from the everyday reality.

My forte' is to create Fantasy when I am given the license to do so.  When I was asked to photograph JoJo Starbuck, I was very enthusiastic about the chance to photograph JoJo and constructed an artificial ice surface with lights imbedded in the floor.  I like to have skaters in poses that they are familiar with,  often jumping (which necessitates speed light strobes, that can freeze them in midair) since it is not easy for them without the aid of ice.

JoJo is a consummate skating performer on ice and has won many national and international skating competitions. Once she put on those skates and came out of the dressing room,  POW, that electricity is emitted from her. That fantasy 'Larger than Life' aura, is  carried by a Champion like JoJo  even for a still photo shoot.  It is a wonderful sight to behold in front of the camera,  almost like a command performance,  a delight for a photographer to capture. 

My other Skating clients are:  Dorothy Hamill,  Tai Babilonia and Randy Gardner,  Peggy Fleming, Rosalyn Sumners, Katarina Witt and many others.  Photographing skaters is always a highlight in my career."
- Harry Langdon
June 8, 2015

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