Wednesday, August 12, 2015


More and more I read that caption after they announce another catastrophic error made by man. It is as if we are talking about getting our car repaired or a relationship gone wrong. No problem.

The most extreme mistake was the recent one last week in Colorado where "Someone" within the EPA, uncorked an old mine shaft which had thousands of gallons of some of the most toxic chemicals and metals known to man, including mercury and arsenic, which are now pouring into the precious Colorado River, where many of the surrounding states get their drinking water. ---EPA by the way stands for the ‘Environmental Protection Agency ‘upon which we depend to keep us humans and animals safe from Natural disasters.
Animas River
(Colorado River System)
Colorado, USA

All that orange sludge, laced with deadly Arsenic, is now headed toward the Grand Canyon, and elsewhere, I bet it is headed toward California since our crops and drinking water, depend on Colorado water.

Has anyone taken the blame besides an indistinguishable alphabetical abbreviation EPA?  We will not get the satisfaction of that answer till after the election I bet.  Someone must have given the order to open up that storage cavern.

I hope they don’t say “Nature will take care of it!” 

Off the coast of Santa Barbara there is another huge oil slick, again, the media is not addressing that one because it will turn off viewers.  

 "Volunteers strive to clean CA beaches,
save wildlife after massive oil spill"
Source: RT

As will the radioactive plume heading toward our West Coast from the Fukushima Power Plant disaster in Japan.--- Yes,  they have said it “Nature will take care of it!"

Because of the presidential candidates bickering and insulting each other makes better news,  the media does not want to bum us out with the Ultimate Reality Show, watch and experience “the end of life on earth“, they will lose sponsors and viewers.

I bet when Noah was building his Ark, folks would walk by and say Noah, “why are you building such a huge ship, there is no water around here for 100's of miles and it never rains.   Noah probably said “Look, the earth is now toxic from over planting and stopped providing good food, the people are degenerating back to being savages.”  I bet he heard from those naysayers. 

Don’t worry Noah, Nature will take care of it!"

                                                                                                           - Harry Langdon
August 12, 2015
Los Angeles, CA

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