Sunday, August 16, 2015


Written by,
Harry Langdon

When I logged onto my computer early this year, in April 2015, That was this Heart stopper. I had No access to any of my files, and quickly called Microsoft support, the tech said:  "You have two choices, pay the ransom they will be asking, or reformat (scrap) the Hard Drive and Motherboard” Microsoft then said "They will often renege after you have paid."

Fortunately I had saved 95% of my information (files) to external Magnetic storage drives. All photo sessions, my photo Archive, my documents were all on Western Digital one terabyte drives. Microsoft also said “If those would have been plugged into the computer, they also would have been Encrypted” (Coded).

There are some tips I have learned about Backing Up your files:

1. Everyday, download to an external storage device. Magnetic or optical disc. I do both after I do a photoshoot. Immediately I store the Raw images on the external drive and then un-plug it. Then I manipulate the images in my pictures, send to client, and then move those to external storage. This can take many hours, but is worth it. A Western Digital one Terra byte storage unit costs about $ 95.00. It is worth every cent.

The Bad Guys also encrypted my documents, but I had a duplicate set on an External storage drive. My accounting files, QuickBooks, were also compromised, but I had saved them externally the day before the Event.

EMP Article
"Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP): The Clock Is Ticking"

Magnetic storage has become very vulnerable to not only Bad Guys, but to Major Sun eruptions, Magnetic storms and Lightning hitting power lines or your computer. I have begun using High Capacity CD optical discs again. Blu-ray has a new 25 Gigabyte disc I am using a lot. Soon they will have a 1000 gig disc. The double coated plastic discs can remain submerged underwater for months and will still be usable in case of a water flood. El Nino is coming.

Especially my very valuable shooting sessions and archive are invaluable for my clients and historically. The above digital manipulations are very costly, but compare those costs with losing all my clients photos. 

I even go so far as to store a duplicate set of all the above Magnetic drives and Optical discs in a Safe, all metal storage unit off site. Plus I send more duplicate storage devices of same files to a trustworthy friend in another state where hopefully they will be safe from HAARP activity which is some more of our Armies Magnetic experiments to change the weather patterns around the world.(Google HAARP).

Remember, once the files have been erased, you can’t retrieve them unless you have them on EXTERNAL devices.

In spite of having three Anti-Virus Malware programs running: McAfee, HitManPro, and Malwarebytes, The Bad Guys still were able to put my computer out of commission.

It took about 30 days to get all my programs re-installed and working again in a New OptiPlex 3020 computer, DELL computer Company sent me one, overnight, No Charge. Thank You DELL. It works better than before the event, we, the Computer and I are both now a lot wiser.

Harry Langdon
August 16, 2015
Los Angeles, CA

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