Saturday, December 12, 2015


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Palm Springs, CA

When I was 15, I was a busboy at a very famous Italian restaurant frequented by celebrities.  It was Frank Sinatra’s favorite place since the management would follow the "Old Italian Custom" of allowing certain dignitaries to have a small table for two set up in the kitchen.  Mr. Sinatra would often come in with Dean Martin, both dressed in Tuxedos and both served in the kitchen.  This custom was reserved for only High Italian royal family. Another memory I have is, one night I was bussing tables and Sinatra came in with Ava Gardner, she was dressed in a clinging Turquoise cocktail dress. I had just seen her starring in the film "The Barefoot Contessa".

Then years went by and fatefully I achieved the honor of being a favorite photographer of Mr. Sinatra’s. I never mentioned to him I used to take away his dirty dishes at Mazzarino's Italian Restaurant.  I have wondered whether or not I should have?

I have a client who is a female Psychiatrist, and once I asked her about her clients dream messages. She said Sinatra would often appear romantically in their dreams, why,  I asked - "he is a symbol of, danger, intrigue and romance", she told me. 

Mr. Sinatra (He much preferred being called) was something to everybody.  And when people ask me, "who was your favorite client", I immediately answer, Frank Sinatra!
                                                                        - Harry Langdon
Los Angeles, CA
Saturday, December 12, 2015

In honor of #Sinatra100

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